Three Ways Writing Can Change Your Life With Grateful PR’s Editor-In-Chief, Sarshar Hosseinnia 

The benefits of writing are truly endless, yet little attention is paid to how it can serve as a powerful, life-enhancing tool. Editor-in-Chief at Grateful PR, Sarshar Hosseinnia, has built an inspiring career through writing, with a wild tale of success to go along with it. Here he shares three ways writing can change your life for the better, just like it did his.

While living in Newcastle, United Kingdom, a young and boisterous Sarshar Hosseinnia attended a concert for Los Angeles rock band, The Doors. There, he trustingly took LSD from “two sketchy guys,” and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to write his first ever music review. Unbeknownst to him at the time, that review would change his life forever.

Before you ask, no, the review did not go viral or anything of the sort, (bummer) but it did something arguably more important. It laid the foundation for an unapologetic career that would go on to inspire many, this writer included. 

Today, Hosseinnia is the Editor-in-Chief at Grateful PR, a Vancouver based creative agency that helps entrepreneurs elevate their brands online. A talented wordsmith and storyteller, Hosseinnia plays an integral role in the company, helping clients each step of the way from initial interview to final draft.

“I want people to get lost in the story just like I get lost writing it,” he says. Prior to taking on his role at Grateful PR, Hosseinnia carved a proud place for himself in the journalistic world, with articles published in prestigious publications like Yahoo and USA Today and achieving high accolades like breaking a news story in 2019 that garnered worldwide attention.

Hosseinnia has worked with and interviewed some of the biggest influencers of today’s time like TikTok famous Kat Stickler and lifestyle vlogger Sarah Beeston, believing deeply in the power of the written word to inspire and motivate. With that said – how then can writing change your life?

With several sticky notes plastered over his desk and wall, Hosseinnia explains that writing can change your life in three main ways. First, it can help you maintain organization and eliminate stress, second it can help you become more versatile, and third, it can make you money, whether you are looking for a side income or a full on career. 

  1.  It Can Help You Maintain Organization And Eliminate Stress 

“I don’t underestimate the power of sticky notes,” Hosseinnia jokes. “Some people might laugh at me for that, but without them, I wouldn’t be organized.” The simple act of writing things down, as he explains, can alleviate your mental load and allow you to apply focus where you need it without any distractions.

Beyond sticky notes, Hosseinnia writes articles, blog posts, press releases and even film scripts, sharing that he attended Vancouver Film School where he dabbled in both script writing and acting. “Those night classes really helped me out a lot,” he says, alluding to his accomplishment of writing and directing a film of his own in under three days. 

That experience helped Hosseinnia excel in PR, as these days, “you have to write press releases which seem easy on the surface, but they’re not. A lot of them get rejected from publications. So you really, as a writer, need to be well rounded,” he continues.

  1.  It Can Help You Become More Versatile 

When asked how to deal with the potential of rejection, or the inevitable worry of how one’s writing will be received by the audience, Hosseinnia admits he still deals with thoughts of self-doubt today. 

“When I was just starting out or even when I get really creative with my writing today, it doesn’t always resonate with everybody and I think we just need to accept that sometimes our art isn’t for everybody. Just like how you’re not going to like the same music as me or the same books as me, it’s something that we need to be okay with. Instead of focusing on an audience that doesn’t appreciate your art, write less for them and more for yourself,” he says.

“Of course when I write, I want to please our clients, I want to please the audience. But if I’m not enjoying the process of getting lost in the work itself, then it’s really just like another job,” he says. In truth, writing isn’t like any other job. It’s unpredictable, transformative, evolving, and of course, lucrative

  1.  It Can Make You Money 

The greatest thing about writing is that you can make money from it. You can sit from the comfort of your home and generate serious dough. “Copywriting pays crazy money,” Hosseinnia beams. “If you are someone who is dynamic with titles and headings and able to write persuasively, then you’re going to love copywriting.”

“Also, reels are all the rage these days and people are always looking for fresh ideas. If you write a 15 minute script, you can charge quite a bit for it. You can also publish books and generate income from that,” he continues.

Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to writing, and Hosseinnia’s story demonstrates that. From once writing acid-induced music reviews to now assisting top celebrities in their PR endeavors, Sarshar Hosseinnia proves that writing truly can change your life and help you connect to a bigger purpose than what you originally thought possible.

“I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from people like Franz Kafka, from Hemingway, from Hunter Thompson and William Blake. But I think the one common trend is that I’m always able to tell a story that transports the reader where they get a feel for the story, the events, and the characters,” he concludes. 

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